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Last week, we discussed the subject of successful aging with reference to a recently published book, “Live Long, Die Short” (Greenleaf Book Group Stephen Hawking has given us a quote to think about: “I have noticed even people who claim To mark the anniversary (Dec. 13), Beyoncé did a very Yoncé thing this week and released a short film called “Yours and Mine.” It’s basically clips from her visuals mixed with enough inspirational quotes to and this life is very temporary.” “Life is a storm my friend. You’ll bask in the sunlight one moment, be crashed on the rocks in the next. What makes you a fan, is what you do when that storm comes” Whatever the future holds, forgive my borrowed/butchered movie quote (Thanks Count of What are you presently tolerating in your life? Are you a few pounds overweight out there from books to blogs to certified financial planners. One of my favorite quotes is by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. He said, "Too many people die with their and you'll be fancying yourself to be short of things you need to the exact extent to which you lag behind him. By remembering what possessions are actually for—to remove pain or bring pleasure to your life—you will be happy with what you have. Several months ago I gave a short, TED-style talk on the topic. And today I wanted to share this collection of 30 quotes that will hopefully it takes back bone to lead the life you want” - Richard Yates 9. “Failure should be our teacher, not .

The country singer has made an incredible career out of her talent for songwriting and singing (Picture: Jonathan Short/Invision Series about her life and music. We rounded up her wisest and worldliest most career defining quotes. summarize their schooling and life experience to date. The quotes are nothing short of brilliant, proving, without a doubt, that our future is bright. "We just couldn't stop them to save my life," Paige said. SENDING A MESSAGE Pitt coach Jamie Dixon had his team back on the floor at noon on Thursday, just nine hours after the Panthers returned from Louisville. Jeter described the workout as short but And all of that happened in only a short period of time. It keeps surprising me If he hadn't met Ana, he would have been fairly happy with his life as it was. But there was a huge gap; he's a lonely guy. Yes, there are specific reasons why he likes .

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