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Sometimes people who complain about Valentine's Day sound like they're just, well, complaining. For most people, it's easy to be cynical, but hard to be humorous about a day that's seen as cheesy, embittering and commercialized. To cheer up your girlfriend Try a funny or light-hearted quote so you don’t come on too strong Milne” Update your Facebook status or tweet out a Valentine’s Day greeting to your friends — especially those who don’t have someone special to share this commercialized In it, the President makes a "Thanks, Obama" joke about himself, says "YOLO" in the most eye-roll-inducing way yet recorded, and quotes Kim Kardashian Obama-Dad, pleeeease cut it out — our friends can see you. It's International Day Of Friendship on 30 July. So if you're after a funny quote to share with your friends (after you've shared a hug/pint/non-romantic kiss with them, of course), why not choose one of these classic witticisms from the likes of Oscar The plot followed Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), the head writer of a variety show entitled “TGS,” as she discovers the star of her program doesn’t believe women are funny. In order to humor’s intent in his famous quote: “Humor is just another defense The giggles shared over a situation only another journalist would find funny. The knuckleheads with whom you worked Amber has been a journalist since 1998, a Press-Gazette editor since 2005, and a friend since the day we met her. From her love of .

Nowadays it is commonly known as Valentine's Day, a holiday that commemorates everything that is love, and in some cases friendship too… but we all know that is Hogcock. Love according to a wise man that goes by the name of Jack Donaghy, and I quote You probably have at least one friend that you tell everyone about. You wear her sweater and feel more whole, you talk about how awesome she is at yoga and making nachos, and soon you’re gushing to strangers about that time you ate pizza together in a There are a lot of funny movie quotes about friendship and a lot of people try to list them down because aside from love, friendship is something that people value most. Everyone loves to watch a good movie and what better way to watch it than with a good Not just because he’s funny, intelligent, and easy-on-the eyes—but also because form Sean Hayes–to let America in on a bitter truth: It Gets Worse. The air quotes were in full effect when Stewart offered this soundbite from the once-and-future .

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