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Welcome back to our Dr. Saturday feature titled "Random offseason tweet of the day." With real games closer in the rear view mirror than they are in front of us, coaches and players will be tweeting about non-football-related things until the 2015 season These US President quotes in historical order speak to me today. "A pen is certainly an excellent instrument to fix a man's attention and to inflame his ambition." (John Adams, 1797-1801) "One man with courage is a majority." (Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809 Struggling to find inspiration for your content marketing strategy? Oliver Pyper has gathered six motivational quotes to inspire your thinking. It’s so easy to forget just how much the web has changed our lives, not to mention our jobs. The control of Let's face it: February is one of the hardest work months out there. It's dark when you wake up, dark when you head home at the end of the day, and during that day, the weather is cold, wet or both. A lot of people would prefer to simply curl up and get inspirational message for Valentine's Day Robinson Secondary in Fairfax County spread the Valentine's Day love by giving every senior girl a flower and an inspirational quote Friday. Check out this story on In the world of beloved Disney movies, there are plenty of quotes and songs about romance and good relationships like "Frozen," Disney characters and movies never cease to be both inspirational and relatable. They're everyone's favorite movies (that .

If you haven’t yet surprised the one you care about most, you might want some inspiration for some beautiful words of love. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day quotes and poems apps for Android and iOS, and they are all free! “Dignity in death is a birthright of each living thing.” “Stop these mockeries and do not talk, but live. Do not be anxious to save Sikhism. Rest assured that Sikhism can take care of itself. Your only anxiety should be to save yourself.” If you are looking for a little inspiration this weekend, how about this quote from proud papa Will Smith? According to Smith, his son refuses to be a slave to money and it is part of a larger trend in values that he sees developing. “It’s such a 2015 The profile has the hallmarks of a traditional Pinterest page with an "inspirational quotes" board (via Pinterest) and one for home decor ideas. Then there's some more pointed jabs, like a board of photos of Democrats who lost in November .

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