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Pope Francis focused his homily on the meaning of Christian identity and the right path to take to encounter God. He said the day's two readings -- from the talks about a false kind of journeying -- a "quote 'journey,' a journey that doesn't move This is a very sad day for Oregon, an even sadder day for Oregon legislators Those who choose not to see the same pattern of self-righteous belief in the Christian Crusades and in the current radical Muslim “crusade” (via the Islamic State A prominent Christian minister has pulled together some spiritual quotes about the value of labour in a piece called “Faith in Working People.” Protestants should not forget that many Catholics and Jews have been key members of the labour movement ‘It’s boring, isn’t it? It’s like, come on, guys, just shut up. Just get on with it and live your lives and stop whining about it.’ Christian Bale, actor, dismissing celebrities’ complaints about the paparazzi The third season of House of Cards premieres on Netflix on February 27th, meaning you can watch the first two seasons — each of the 26 episodes — watching one episode per day just in time have been about the spiritual decay that comes about His comments came a day after the funeral for the victims in Raleigh killings emerged and criticism of U.S. media coverage ramped up. "If a Muslim executed 3 Christian students in US, it would get a LOT more media coverage than I'm seeing right .

If you're looking for a good movie or two to watch this Valentine's Day, here's a quick list guaranteed to get Both versions deliver romance, heartbreak and spiritual uplift. Think "Brief Encounter" with a mystical twist. Kristen Stewart and Robert If you’re looking for a good movie or two to watch this Valentine’s Day, we have a dozen recommendations guaranteed Both versions deliver romance, heartbreak and spiritual uplift. Think “Brief Encounter” with a mystical twist. What great purchase is this Christian liberty which Paul so often boasts of? His doctrine is, that he who eats or eats not, regards a day or regards it not, may do either to the Lord. How many other things might be tolerated in peace, and left to "'I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he's a really fat guy He's Fatman, not Batman.'" - American Hustle director David O. Russell recalls Jennifer Lawrence's comments on kissing co-star Christian Bale, who gained 40 pounds for his role. .

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