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Samuel Staples Elementary School organized a poster contest around the Kindness Quotes the committee publishes, and the students created art based on what these quotes meant to them. They are beautiful and displayed all around the school. Easton Connects Small acts of kindness make the world go around and words can help make this happen. We have compiled some of the best ones to share on Facebook and Twitter so you can share the love. Check out for kindness videos, quotes, and a list of 15 Ways to Spread Kindness During RAK Week. Along with fun resources, THIS YEAR we are providing a global kindness feed on our website displaying the flood of kindness on social "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Third-grader Lily Miller chose this Mark Twain quote to write on a sentence strip during Sagemont Lower School's participation in the Great Kindness Challenge. It was part of a week According to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation November 13th is World Kindness Day. And while it's good to choose kindness 365 days a year, it's nice to have one day reserved as a reminder. Even doing one tiny act of kindness can change your world and For their past session, the club members made a video with messages about kindness and compassion to show at the upcoming assembly. As you walk into the Kimes gymnasium, hanging on the wall is a quote from Rachel Joy Scott, a student who was killed in the .

In spite of the courage and optimism that Coke showed during its Super Bowl ad last weekend, it appears that the internet is, in fact, too mean for it to fix. According to Adweek, Coke has now had to pull an online campaign that it launched alongside Small acts of kindness and love.”). And then, of course, there are other check-out-the-big-brain-on-Brad types like Einstein, Twain, David Foster Wallace, and Murakami. If I try to break them up along thematic lines, it seems I favor quotes on adventure The elementary school has displayed posters containing quotes featuring acts of kindness throughout the halls. Students are keeping track of their good deeds and ones they see others perform in their journals. The parents are also getting involved by A Great Kindness Challenge assembly will kick off a week of activities that include morning Kindness Quotes, kindness spirit days, lunch recess kindness activities and a Kindness Challenge checklist for each student. Students will also learn the song .

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