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Receive daily inspiring and funny quotes from some of the greatest minds. Features: * Over 5400 inspiring, interesting, funny and even geek quotes from over 2000 authors like Einstein, Voltaire, Asimov, Lincoln or Bierce. * Receive daily quotes Read more We all know that this industry is not easy, but the rewards of knowing that we are helping people daily is the wing beneath our wings. We have compiled a list of some of the best inspirational quotes from our hunts through the Internet, from our book Now, iPhone users can create their very own inspirational image and share it via social media, text, or email with BrainyQuote users can have a daily notification at the same time letting them know what the daily quote is. The set time is 8 am but Inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a body positive quote or an inspirational message, Pinterest is a great place to find daily inspiration. Here are 10 of my favorite plus size and inspirational pins. Taylor Bigler is the Entertainment Editor for The Daily Caller. Taylor Swift + inspirational Hitler quotes = the greatest Pinterest account of all time. Pinterest user Emily Pattinson has been uploading photos to the “Real Taylor Swift Quotes” board of The former South African president’s struggle to overturn apartheid was an inspiration to many around the world. Here are some of the firebrand’s most memorable words. Before his death, Nelson Mandela had his most inspiring quotes: “If I had .

It’s a lot of fun to flip through random quotes a few times a day when you need inspiration or a break from work, but if you’re looking for something more specific, you can also search for quotes by author or by keyword. Searching by author will bring Call it a life coach in your pocket. This is done through pushing inspirational quotes and daily progress checks like: “Am I pushing the envelope?” Right below the title “My Dream” on the main page, there is a spot to place a photo. Photos can come Each of the pages is a quote, a positive message and an action that you can take to make your day a bit better than the last. Many people, including myself read each of the days for the year. I did that every day last year. Each day had an inspirational Daily Inspirational Quotes Script is a PHP-based web application. The application is exposed to an SQL injection issue because it fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied data before using it in an SQL query. This issue affects the "id" parameter of .

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