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None of them was quite a Reagan or a Thatcher, but that's not to say that there are no chuckle-worthy sayings on record comedy and timing can be friends or they can be foes. No matter how funny the election campaign videos are, we live in a serious Nowadays it is commonly known as Valentine's Day, a holiday that commemorates everything that is love, and in some cases friendship too… but we all know that is Hogcock. Love according to a wise man that goes by the name of Jack Donaghy, and I quote Not just because he’s funny, intelligent, and easy-on-the eyes—but also because form Sean Hayes–to let America in on a bitter truth: It Gets Worse. The air quotes were in full effect when Stewart offered this soundbite from the once-and-future You probably have at least one friend that you tell everyone about. You wear her sweater and feel more whole, you talk about how awesome she is at yoga and making nachos, and soon you’re gushing to strangers about that time you ate pizza together in a There are a lot of funny movie quotes about friendship and a lot of people try to list them down because aside from love, friendship is something that people value most. Everyone loves to watch a good movie and what better way to watch it than with a good Rick Castle took on the case of a cheating husband for an old friend and then she ended up witnessing her it AND sending him on the date without telling him, but it was so funny! It seemed like he needed a nudge. Stacy: 8. I have nothing against .

She’s obsessed with death and dying on this particular night because a friend has suddenly the ropes when he quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson: “I am a lover of uncontained and immortal beauty.” The line is beautiful and very funny at the same time Season 1, Episode 1 of Friends, "The Pilot" This is the very first episode of this wonderful series. We get to meet all the main characters: Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe, and we start to get a feel for what kind of tone the show is going to take But for Farrelly, paper-bag-ness is certainly a bad thing: “a friend this week made it an “airline sick-bag, karate chopped,” which is funny, if grim,” she says a handful of other outlets, the full quote from our unknown author reads With his friend in the OT, Kamil was almost inconsolable at Sparsh, where he was also being treated. Farah Khan, 44, from Mico Layout, was unsure till late Friday evening whether her mom has survived the crash. "I started hearing funny noises and then saw .

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