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Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to be in a room that’s charged with positive energy — the kind you want to stick in your pocket and carry around all day. At the 2014 WIE (Women: Inspiration and Enterprise) Symposium in New York on Sept. 19, speakers encourages other women to do the same for themselves. We've compiled some of Diane's most inspirational quotes about everything from life and confidence to fashion and success. Click on the pics below to see more of Diane's most inspirational quotes! International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated throughout the world around the theme 'Equality for women is progress for all.' IWD has been observed since the early 1900s and was established by Socialist International, in their meeting in Copenhagen in 1910. in Austin at the Texas Conference for Women on Wednesday where they participated in strength-building workshops, motivational seminars and skill-building breakouts. We kept tabs on the 10 best quotes of the day, which are bound to resonate with any As we move forward with National Women's History Month, it's time to stop and reflect on some of the great things women have said. I want to present a few thoughts from women who held jobs in the fields of business, education, science, and more. I hope you "Behind every successful man, there stands a woman", so the quote goes, and yet we have never quite redefined and so the idea was born for our Inspirational Women series. I'm delighted so many women from many walks of life have agreed to take part .

Get some inspiration in life with iPhone apps on great inspirational quotes about life, women and love. Use them at the perfect time and situation to improve your mood or to inspire somebody else. We have decided to go through a few and let you in on some is full of images that Rand and his team of sassy millennial staffers imagine Hillary would put on the social media site used largely by Midwestern women. Fake Hillary’s mood boards are filled with the following inspirational quotes: Many women who are going through difficult Sometimes, a great quote or mantra is a helpful tool to get you going on the right path. Here are some exceptional quotes and mantras from some very wise people that were published in the Huffington Post Irish women have played huge roles in uprisings, politics and literature since time immemorial, going back as far as Queen Maeve of Connacht. To mark International Women’s Day we’ve put together some of our favorite quotes from some seriously bad ass .

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