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It’s been claimed that many Christians regularly misuse the wildly popular Bible verse Philippians 4:13, but are there other tidbits of scripture that are similarly being touted in an improper context? Thomas Turner, an author and program manager at the Taking everything into consideration, the Bible was written mostly by losers for the benefit of other losers. That’s not a value judgment, just an observation. Think about it. The various authors of the texts we call Scripture, both the Hebrew and Every example of salvation in the Bible has that common formula. That’s the conclusion based on the harmony of the Scriptures on the subject of salvation. For the salvation of man today it is a combination of grace plus faith plus works. God extended His ABERYSTWYTH, U.K. – Students at the University of Aberystwyth in the U.K. are seeking the removal of Gideon Bibles from their dorm rooms as the presence of the Scriptures allegedly or not they would like a Bible in their room. The Christian Institute They are, after all, still in the Bible. Fourth century Catholic councils endorsed the Hebrew Scriptures as a package, permanently binding them together with the Christian writings that became the New Testament. New Testament Encourages Kindness from just how do you design a Bible museum? Is President Obama’s ‘glass houses’ scripture reference in the Bible? Not exactly. Priced out of New York, American Bible Society decamps to Philadelphia Why angry Australian gamers want to ban the Bible No .

Mr. Calvin Morrow ("Pastor opposing SOGI ordinance defends Christians," Jan. 31), James Hernando ("Bishop right to speak against Mercy benefits," Jan. 31) and many others have written about God's Eternal Law. Many have written to the News-Leader quoting CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- They compared the school board to Nazis. They cited Bible verses and donned black T-shirts. Outside the Bradley County Schools central office, teachers, parents and kids held picket signs Thursday evening hoping to save their The Bible compared to all the others books ever written, tens of thousands, cannot teach more about the fundamental realities of the universe and of human life than we can learn from the scriptures contained in the Bible. Since the Bible is a collection of A college officer from Volunteer State found the Bible in a box of debris from a 2006 tornado that almost destroyed the college’s campus. The winds that splintered buildings uncovered the lost Scriptures. With Debbie Savely’s name inscribed within .

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