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Today CanvasPop, the web's leading provider of personalized art and on-demand printing services, unveiled an innovative new photo editing tool called Word Art Maker™. The web application includes a broad range of customization options, including a text Recently an “educational” pamphlet designed for Christian children made its way around Facebook. It warned God’s little lambs to avoid sour unhappy people called “atheists.” A private school curriculum called Accelerated Christian Education Sometimes, sitting on the couch and guzzling Cheetos like they're going out of production is the perfect remedy to get you out of that sour mood. Other times we need a little less messy inspiration. Everyone could use a few words of wisdom to boost every and ungrounded in any meaningful moral tradition. But we haven’t found a good replacement for them yet, either. Resistance to vaccination is a small part of that, albeit a small part with potentially large and destructive consequences. In the battle I am a sucker for quotes. Whether they're one-liners from "Anchorman" being shouted across The Badger Herald office or more serious ones written in books or on posters, I can't get enough. I'm one of those people who write down the really good ones and It was an amazing and improbable comeback by the Birds. The fact that it ended so suddenly with DeSean Jackson’s punt return left Eagles fans spellbound and exhausted. How could all of that happen so quickly after struggling for the entire game? .

Attention quote and design lovers, here’s a poster series that marries minimalism with inspiration and will look great on your wall. Toronto based designer Ryan McArthur has created this awesome line of prints using quotations from some of the most Many years ago in the good old Barrie Banner (which really had a feisty voice in this town, quite often giving The Barrie Examiner a good run for its money), I got my first writing gig as an album reviewer. I simply called up the Banner's editor, Kate This time around, I'm looking at videogame quotes: well-written or not, intentionally enlightening or not, what are the ten most meaningful videogame quotes in gaming memory? Which quotes actually teach or represent something important about game design Am I going to contribute in any meaningful way? Probably not – they’re very good at what they do. They don’t need me on the pit box bugging them and obviously Michael Waltrip (team co-owner) is going to be in the car. He is a phenomenal speedway racer. .

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