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Two of my favorite verses are Jeremiah 22:3 “This is what the Lord says David Silverman, President, American Atheists One bible verse that I sometimes quote favorably, even in debates, is I Thessalonians 5:21 — “Prove all things: hold fast Easter Sunday is the culmination of the Christian season of Lent and the end of Holy Week, and marks the central event in Christian theology. To help embrace the spirit of rebirth and renewal that this springtime holiday brings, we've compiled several of Missing and crashed airplanes, the deadly Ebola virus outbreaks, strained race relations, disturbing cyber-attacks, abuse of the innocent, the terrifying and murderous reach of ISIS – these are the news stories dominating the headlines as the curtain Wanna hear bible verses on the street corner? X gon' give it to ya and we've got the video proof. DMX got downright religious outside of the Wi Jammin' Restaurant in L.A. recently and we're told it all started when X ran into a fan who told him she During Obama’s address on immigration policy, he called on Americans to open their hearts to people facing deportation, even using the Bible as a reference. Unsurprisingly, Fox News took the opportunity to say using the Bible is simply unfair. Still, the The world's digital Bible readers favored verses in 2014 calling Christians to be counter cultural and focus their thoughts on things that are honorable. YouVersion, the company behind a popular Bible smartphone app, released a list of the most popular .

Some believers don't like to mix religion with friendship. Relevant magazine's Kris Beckert recently wrote that some religious believers hesitate to bring their friends to church because it mixes two different cultures - work and church, which can lead to Tony Miano (@TonyMiano) February 13, 2015 @benjhaisch @DangeRussWilson Really? I'm honestly not sure how you can quote bible verses all the time and then say this is a good movie There was also a faction of fans who were mad because Wilson saw a "bad YouVersion is an app that markets itself as “a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life”. And now they’ve used their consumer data to create a year end analysis of which scriptures 164 million users shared and remembered It’s also a classic work of literature, and Penguin Random House is launching Bible Verses by Heart, a free iOS app designed to appeal not only to the Christian faithful, but to everyone who views the Bible as literature and wants to better understand t .

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